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AlanForensic.com is a site of Corhoma srl.

AlanForensic.com aims towards training, researching, consulting and / or being of use in a personal matter and / or business, related to the use of Biometric Signature Records, used interchangeably and / or in conjunction with Digital Signature tools.

In AlanForensic.com you will be able to find :

training tutorials to exemplify the use of available tools, clearly, step by step ...

information and documentation of general characteristics as well as academic works on the thematic of the system ...

information on different topics related to the biometric analysis of signatures ...

information on different topics related to Digital Signature technologies and processes ...

the possibility to work with specific data of tests generated by users ...

the possibility of implementing one or more of these technologies, individually and / or integrated into business processes ...

If you wish, you can send us your comments and suggestions, as well as consultations, which we will try to answer as soon as possible.

At AlanForensic.com we work closely with professionals from different disciplines related to these issues, locals and foreigners, so that users who use AlanForensic.com are up to date. The objective of reviewing and updating contents will be oriented towards offering new benefits and / or to improve the quality of the information provided.

The information that AlanForensic.com offers for public access, can be copied and / or redistributed, in any medium and / or format, mentioning in an explicit and visible way the origin and reference of said text.

Our goal is that AlanForensic.com is accessible to all people, regardless of their technical and / or theoretical knowledge about the topics covered. We work with Web standards, facilitating the compatibility with the main browsers of the market.

At AlanForensic.com we will write texts that can be understood by the widest possible audience. The only exception will be the academic articles, where interested parties can take a look at the theoretical foundations of some disciplines and / or techniques, where previous knowledge will be required for their comprehension. But for the use of AlanForensic.com, as with many other tools, is not necessary to understand the theoretical foundations, in order to obtain the benefits of AlanForensic.com applied to specific problematic.

If you find a problem navigating the site and / or error in its use, or have relevant opinions related to the content of AlanForensic, do not doubt in contacting Corhoma srl. reporting the problem and / or comment, so that we can, applying the best of our efforts, work on the topic.

We want AlanForensic.com to be easy to use and useful for users who require it.

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