Frequently Asked Questions    

What is ? is the forensic tool of Corhoma srl. for the Forensic Analysis of Biometric Records of Handwritten Signatures. It is worldwide (January.2019), the first tool in its type of free, global, and anonymous access (only one browser is needed).

Is the use of the site free ?

Yes. The use of the site is free.

Can I do tests on without being registered ?

Yes. You can enter as "Anonymous" and perform tests on In this case, since you do not have a unique and permanent identity, which defines a "private" workspace, you will have the general PDF files, available by default, and used for tutorials, and you will be able to upload temporarily PDF files from your local storage device. You should keep in mind that when you close your session the information loaded will be deleted. You should also keep in mind that "anonymous work sessions" expire after 60 minutes, to avoid overloading and / or the possibility of malicious use.

Why do I need to Register with an email ?

An email is required with the sole purpose of having a true, unique and permanent identifier, and thus provide the user a work space in the cloud, where they can store work documents and / or evidence, only accessible through his/her identity. Likewise, with some users, it will be the link through which you can exchange information related to

Can I delete my account and information ?

Yes. At any time, you can use the contact form requesting the deletion of your user account and your private workspace, and all the files and information associated with your identity. In the "Message" you only have to say "REQUEST FOR DELETING ACCOUNT". AlanForensic, after verifying the origin and veracity of the request, will delete the user, removing all information associated with it, and as a last action, send an email notifying him / her of the action described. AlanForensic will not store any information that may be related to the user linked to the e-mail.

If I am registered, do I have a limit to store data in the cloud ?

Yes, but the availability is dynamic, depending on the frequency of use of AlanForensic and the number of concurrent users at any given time. That is, it is taken into consideration that users with a greater use and consumption of, manifest a greater utility, interest and / or need for the tool, and therefore the system prioritizes them in the dynamic online space for storing data in the session of work.

What is RTSign ?

RTSign is the Digital Services platform of Corhoma. Some of these services have the following objectives :

Can I integrate AlanForensic and / or RTSign with applications for commercial purposes ?

Yes, through services in the cloud (API REST) ​​or via SDK, for which you must use the contact form, after which a representative of Corhoma srl. will communicate with you to indicate how to proceed.